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The Kingdom Of Steel

Personalized autographed copy of The Blood Of The Kings Vol. I - The History Of MANOWAR

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MANOWAR's first-ever book, the Pictorial History Of MANOWAR - get your personalized copy, signed by Joey De Maio!

Titled “The Blood Of The Kings – Vol. I” this limited-edition hardcover book is packed with rare photos of MANOWAR: on stage, in the studio, and in private moments outside the limelight.

Over 220 pages full of memories and mementos curated by the band themselves - a dream come true for any metal fan.

“The Blood Of The Kings – Vol. I” unfolds MANOWAR’s career in chapters, devoted to the band's six first albums. From their crushing debut “Battle Hymns” to the metal milestone “Kings Of Metal”, a pivotal moment in the band’s long-lasting reign.

“Going through our archives, looking at all these amazing pictures of our beginnings was a phenomenal journey in time, that brought back so many incredible memories. We are excited to share them with our fans!” said Joey DeMaio.