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The Kingdom Of Steel

CD Gods Of War Limited Collector's Steelbook Edition

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This Limited Collector's Steelbook Edition is a must-have for any true MANOWAR fan!
No longer available in retail, The Kingdom Of Steel is the ONLY authorized store selling this unique item!

A stunning hardcover book-style case, wrapped in a heavy metal sleeve; made to weather the elements, like the heroes in MANOWAR's music.

Much like Ragnarok - the final battle at the end of the world - when listening to MANOWAR's epic saga, GODS OF WAR, the earth will shake, the walls will crumble and only true fans of metal will remain standing, heads held high, with the triumphant glimmer of a battle well-fought in their eyes.

Track List:
1 - Overture To The Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors
2 - The Ascension
3 - King Of Kings
4 - Army Of The Dead, Part I
5 - Sleipnir
6 - Loki God Of Fire
7 - Blood Brothers
8 - Overture To Odin
9 - The Blood Of Odin
10 - The Sons Of Odin
11 - Glory Majesty Unity
12 - Gods Of War
13 - Army Of The Dead, Part II
14 - Odin
15 - Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors
16 - Die For Metal