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The Kingdom Of Steel

T-Shirt Kings Of Metal MMXIV 2014

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Newly created for the back cover of MANOWAR's re-imagined "KINGS OF METAL MMXIV" release in 2014, the back of this limited edition T-shirt features legendary fantasy artist Ken Kelly's imaginative twist of his iconic 1988 cover art. 

For this new piece, the artist literally approached his famous painting from a new angle, showing the heroic Faceless Warrior from the rear perspective, viciously stabbed in the back by his enemies, yet victoriously raising his hand, holding his ring of power.

The front of the shirt features a classic pocket logo and the title line KINGS OF METAL MMXIV. Understated, yet powerful.

100% cotton

For European standards, this size runs a bit on the larger end.

For example, XL will likely fit most European 2XL customers.